Sunday, 4 August 2013

The titanic

Day 67 - 4 de Agosto: Mindo to Otavalo

I expected a fair few people to sleep in this morning. I'm not near as wild as a few members of this group, so i could wake up fine to my alarm. But there were a few heavy drinkers. To my surprise though, many people had woken up before me. We all met up at breakfast this morning and I had only missed one interesting story from after I went to bed. Apparently a couple of them decided to go for a walk around town last night and a few of the others along with our group leader had to go out and find them. Good thing it was a small town. Our leader worries sometimes since we are in north Ecuador (which means we are close to Columbia). Anyway, after a little bit of time to get ready, it was time for our activity of the day - river tubing! We all piled into the back of a couple pickup trucks and were taken to the river. Our tubes were pretty cool - they ties about 6 or 7 together in a snowflake shape so that half the group could sit on one and half could sit on the other. It was literally strength in numbers since this wasn't going to be a casual Penticton float down the river. This river was full of rapids! We had a guy on the back of the tube that would push us off rocks and guide the tube down, but it still felt like we were out of control for half the time. It was so fun - one of the girls from our group had a waterproof camera, so i should be able to get some pictures off her on facebook. Half way down the river though, our tube turned into the titanic - the middle tube popped. We all had to move to the outside ring of tubes to stay afloat, which made balance even more of a challenge. It was still awesome though. We returned and packed our bags for leaving to the next city. I'm getting much better at packing my bag and even could fit my boots in it! Our drive for the most part was pretty uneventful. The nice thing this time was that we actually had a bus - i reclined my chair and listened to music basically the whole way. We did stop in Quito and picked up the Vancouver leaders (the ones i met in the lima airport). We made it to Otavalo safe and sound, then checked into our hotel. It's a really luxury place this time and i'm rooming on my own. For dinner, i had steak and eggs, then i had a shower and chilled out for the evening. I have to take advantage of this kind of evening - it's usually really busy all the time here. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Some shots from my bus window

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