Friday, 23 August 2013

All Inclusive

Day 85 - 22 de Agosto: Canoa to Mompiche

For one reason or another, i didn't manage to get the best sleep in the world last night. But I got up right away when I needed to and packed up my bags for leaving Canoa. We were having breakfast at 10am with hopes of leaving around 10:30, but it was not even 9:30 when I finished packing up. I decided to accompany one of my friends to pick up her laundry from town. The tide was way out so there was lot's of beach to walk along on the way over. When we got there, it just turned out that the guy running the laundromat had just closed shop for half an hour to go get breakfast. With little time left until breakfast, we headed back to the hotel. She told one of the leaders who were able to drive her to get her laundry later on. After eating breakfast and paying my tab (which turned out to be only about half what it should, thanks to the generous hotel owner), we were on the bus and making our way to Mompiche. It was a pretty long and uneventful drive, however we did make one really confusing stop. We actually made our way in two busses - one for the students and one for the leaders. On one random city block about half way, we stopped for 5 minutes for seemingly nothing at all. Then we turned the corner and pulled onto a quiet little side street, where we waited again with no explanation. After a few more minutes, 3 of our group was pulled off the bus, again with no explanation. Then, everything was clear - the leaders and these three volunteers carried in ice cream for all of us. It was nice to break up the drive. It took a good while, but we finally made it to Mompiche after four and a half hours. Tonight, we'd be staying in a fancy, all inclusive resort. This place was absolutely massive! We did our check in right away, but had to wait about an hour and a half for our rooms to be ready. So, a bunch of us went down to the snack bar for lunch. A good bit of chilling out later, my roommate and I received the key to our room and dumped our bags there. Since there was only one key, we hid it in a plastic cup in some nearby bushes. Later, I grouped up with about four others and we played uno in my room. It was raining here so unfortunately, not beach weather. We had dinner at 7pm, where the buffet theme was italian night - my favourite! The party lasted from dinner to late in the night. I actually had a quick nap in between to keep up. Most people just danced all night, but I did a mix of everything, including an exploratory walk with a couple others. A bunch of us finished off at the snack bar before finally heading off to bed. 

Hotel views

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