Friday, 2 August 2013

Goodbyes and Hellos

Day 65 - 2 de agosto: Camarones to Mindo, Ecuador

Today was our last morning on the worksite until we return mid-month. It seemed like a good few people were starting to feel our long days and party-ish nights. We jumped in the back of the truck and made our way back in the same fashion. The difference on the site today though seemed to be the sun's intensity. I felt like i was being roasted alive! I tried my best to pick jobs that were on the shady side of the houses. The entire shift consisted of twisting those twist-ties from yesterday. There were some fun distractions though. The children kept distracting us, wanting us to play - and who would we be if we let them down. A couple of the kids were trying to stir things up - they'd hide in the houses and throw pebbles at me through the windows. I eventually chased them around the camp with a bamboo pole. At the end, all of us and the workers got together and formed a circle. They thanked us for the work that we did - it was special to spend time with them. One of the guys wants me to teach the workers some martial arts when i return - we'll see. I gave them a quick demo before we got on the truck and headed out. On our way out of town, we caused quite a stir - the school had just gotten out so all the kids were yelling and waving. It was cool. When we returned, i packed up, then had an awesome shrimp ceviche lunch. The afternoon was uneventful - we were driving from Camarones to Mindo. I was in the front, middle seat, away from the group this time, so i listened to music the whole way. At the lodge, there were two new people waiting to join our group - and one was actually from my Vancouver group!! It was cool to catch up again. We spend the late afternoon as a group in a chocolate shop, drinking handmade ginger drinks, then had a great chicken dinner. The night finished off with a quick walk around town and some cards. Tomorrow will be really fun here - stay tooned!

A view of the village from least finished to most finished
A view from the resort
Most of my group at dinner

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