Monday, 19 August 2013

Off to Paradise

Day 82 - 19 de Agosto: Camarones to Canoa

Well, the good news is this morning is that my alarm clock woke me up. However, the rest of the sentiments towards this morning were not incredibly pleasant. My stomach was feeling last night...not too bad but enough. Good thing the resort sold gatorade and served eggs this morning. I prepped myself the best i could for the ride out of Camarones with these. I got my bags packed and onto the bus, then walked on with my carry-ons. This bus was pretty run down, with seats torn and dirt lining everything. I didn't really care, but it seemed like we would be tight to fit so many people on this smaller bus. We somehow were able to just fit everyone, and by only 45 minutes behind schedule, we were off. I took this bus ride as an opportunity to pass out yet again so I would be perfect for Canoa. 5 or so hours later, we arrived at our resort. It was a beautiful, Caribbean beach resort. However, the serenity was very quickly broken by a big, loud Kentucky man who welcomed us to his resort. He obviously didn't have a filter, but he was hilarious. We were brought into the restaurant area and treated to tuna sandwiches and chips. Obviously, I ate my plateful long before anyone else finished. When the man (named Greg) saw this, he gave me no choice but to have another plate on him. He was a really nice guy. After lunch, we got our rooms and lounged about for a bit. The party started pretty early in the pool, accompanied by the Greg and one of the owners of HLD. I took it pretty easy this evening; let my liver take a bit of a break tonight. I hung out in the pool with everyone for a bit, but it was cold water. So as the sun started to set, i decided to have a shower... a hot shower! Afterwards, i rejoined the group for a bit and had dinner. They had amazing spaghetti and meat sauce - a very good "old family recipe". I won't last too late tonight, and don't really want to since i want to be completely refreshed for surfing tomorrow! Can't wait!

Sorry, the only pic i got was this scenery on the last part of the drive. More tomorrow!

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