Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Day 96 - 2 de septiembre: Quito, Ecuador to Lima, Peru

What a great feeling to finally sleep in. Woke up at a little past 9, had a shower and casually made my way down for breakfast. Same food as usual, but it's really good stuff here. After eating, I had a bit of a task ahead of me - having to repack everything for my flight today. Keep in mind, I arrived in south america with a full bag, but now, i have enough stuff for two pieces of luggage (although, my job at the car lot has given me experience in finding room for things without the space to do it). It was easier than I expected and before long, I was checking out of the hotel. I had 4 hours to kill before i needed to get a taxi for the airport, so the hotel was able to put my bags in storage for me. I took off to the main square and sat myself down in an outdoor table of a coffee shop with the ecuadorian version of an iced cappuccino. I strategically chose this place for the free wifi, and used it to make some calls and browse the internet. They also had a band off the street that decided to perform here. I hung out here as long as the wifi lasted (pretty sure they kicked me off after a while). Then wandered around a bit. Eventually i had lunch at a place in the square. They had a 3 course special for cheap, so i jumped on that which filled me up. Afterwards, I slowly made my way back to the hotel and chilled on their wifi for about an hour until i needed to go. The hotel called a taxi for me and soon enough, I was on my way. I heard him radio the other taxis, asking for a traffic report (it was rush hour right now). It must have been pretty rough since he decided to take me through a completely different route. I went through rich areas, poor areas, alongside cliffs and over rivers and experienced all kinds of traffic but eventually, I did make it to the airport. I would typically be worried about this change in route, but the way was well signed to the airport. He made some pretty good time, as do all taxis here. At times, he was weaving through traffic like it was mariokart. Still in one piece. Once arriving, I waited a good while in the baggage drop line and when I arrived up front, i was pleased to see that my bag was just on the maximum weight - good to go. The lady said my bags would go straight to vancouver, but we'll see. I don't quite trust these checkin staff. Arriving at the terminals, I was given a slight heart attack. The screens said that my flight was delayed 3 hours, which would make me miss my next flight! i looked everywhere for someone from LAN airlines, but when I next checked the screen, my flight was back to normal - must have been a glitch. The terminals had weak wifi, in which i communicated back home with scrabble chat. I found a place with good spaghetti for dinner, and before long, I was flying to Lima. I stayed awake on this ride so that i could sleep on the next one. When i arrived, the screen was messing with me again - my flight which wasn't for hours said "last call for boarding". It fixed itself eventually, but that was the most status screen glitches i had seen ever and both were the same day! I had three hours until my next flight to LA with no wifi in the lima airport, but somehow by walking around and playing phone games, i amused myself until the flight. Time for the longest flight of my trip - we'll see how it goes. 

Saying goodbye to my room

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